Chapel Chat Drop-in Hour


Location: Mary, Queen of Families Chapel at the Raclin Murphy (View on map )

113023 Raclinmurphymuseumofart Opening 0385 2 Emily Normand

The Mary, Queen of Families Chapel is one of the elements that makes the Raclin Murphy Museum of Art unique among other art museums. A functioning chapel that also serves as a site-specific art installation integrating other works from the Museum’s collection, this space is ripe for dynamic exploration and engagement. What are the traditional elements of a Chapel? Why is a chapel included in the new art museum? What do the signs and symbols in the Chapel mean? Drop by for any length of time between 11:00 am–12:00 pm for a casual chat regarding these questions and more with one of our Museum staff members.

If interested, proceed directly to the Mary, Queen of Families Chapel on Level 2 where one of our staff members will be stationed. Visitor Services staff at the Welcome Desk will be happy to assist you with directions. Always free and open to all.

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