Through the Arts@ND, seeing something extraordinary is possible every day.

The Notre Dame Arts Gateway on the southern edge of campus is a vibrant space where campus and community members can experience a wide variety of visual and performing arts.  The University’s state-of-the-art performance facilities, world-class art museum, and vibrant educational programs play host to awe-inspiring showcases of creativity that expand your mind, enrich your life, and entertain your family.

With convenient parking near the buildings that comprise the Arts Gateway on the south side of campus, experiencing the arts is easier than ever before. Check the Arts@ND calendar or select one of the category buttons below to see where the arts will lead you next.

Where art leads us all

No matter your age, background, or level of familiarity with the arts, they provide an opportunity for intellectual, sensory, and cultural engagement that leads your mind, voice, and soul toward new ideas, perspectives, and experiences. 

About Arts at ND