Performance: "A Doll's House 1954"

- (part of a series)

Location: Patricia George Decio Theatre (View on map )

Notre Dame Film, Television, and Theatre Presents 

A Doll's House 1954

a new adaptation

written and directed by Carys Kresny 

Long before the brewskis and galloping steeds of patriarchy invaded Ken and Barbie’s pink and perky world, Henrik Ibsen shattered expectations and shocked Europe with a sold-out premiere of his revolutionary classic, A Doll’s House. Audiences were blown away by how real the characters and setting felt, as well as by the play’s challenge to the world they took for granted.

A Doll’s House 1954 moves the action to the post-war USA, where Nora and her husband rejoice in his promotion and, finally, their shot at the American Suburban Dream. It’s Christmas, they’re in love, and life is beautiful—until a long-held secret is forced to the surface and everything they’ve believed about themselves, their friends, and their world explodes. In the play, as in life, relationships are messy, no matter that social scripts pretend they’re not—and it’s hard to be honest, even with the people you love. The play features 20th century idiomatic speech and American 1950’s culture as it confronts desire, gender and social roles, and the struggle to live truthfully in a prescriptive society.

November 9 - 12

Thursday - Saturday at 7:30 pm

Sunday at 2:30 pm


Patricia George Decio Theatre, DeBartolo Performing Arts Center

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