Concert: Nathalie Joachim, flute


Location: LaBar Recital Hall (View on map )

Nathalie Joachim is a Grammy-nominated flutist, composer, and vocalist. The Brooklyn-born Haitian-American artist is co-founder of the critically acclaimed urban art pop duo, Flutronix, and comfortably navigates everything from classical to indie-rock, all while advocating for social change and cultural awareness. Joachim performs her evening-length work, Ki moun ou ye, taking you through an intimately staged song cycle that ponders its title's posed question: "Who are you?"

Set on the remote Caribbean farmland her family still calls home after seven generations, Ki moun ou ye travels deeper into the Haitian heritage introduced on Joachim's Grammy-nominated Fanm d'Ayiti. Performed in both English and Haitian Kreyòl, the immersive work examines the richness of one's voice — an instrument that brings with it DNA, ancestry, and identity — in a vibrant tapestry of Joachim's live voice, and intricate electronically sampled vocal textures underscored by an acoustic instrumental ensemble. Ki moun ou ye invites an exploration of personal history and draws on the voice as a tool for survival, healing, self-preservation, communion, and freedom.

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Presenting with the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

Made possible by the Gayle and Steven C. Francis Endowment for Excellence in Creativity.

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