SMND Choral Conducting Recital - Jongsoo Hwang


Location: DeBartolo Performing Arts Center - Reyes Organ & Choral Hall

DMA student Jongsoo Hwang will present his second year conducting recital entitled Ut Queant Laxis.

Ut queant laxis is the first line of a Latin hymn honoring John the Baptist. This hymn, belonging to the tradition of Gregorian chant, occupies an important place in the history of solmization. The first syllable of each line of this hymn begins with the note names of the hexachord (six-note scale): ut (do), re, mi, fa, sol, and la. One letter in the title of each piece to be performed in this recital is taken from the title of this concert, ‘Ut queant laxis'. Of the 14 songs in the program, 10 of them are a cappella choral music. In this concert, works by Duruflé, Bruckner, Telemann, Lauridsen, and Monteverdi will be performed. It will also be focusing on Gregorian chants and Renaissance polyphony by Palestrina, Victoria, and Byrd. New choral pieces commissioned by composer Suhyun Kim will be premiered using the lyrics of Ave Maria and Pater Noster, the most frequently used prayers in the Catholic liturgy. At the end of the concert, 'Ut queant laxis' is sung again, and the choir concludes by singing Handel's Hallelujah with great joy and splendor.

This performance will be live-streamed. The program can be viewed here.

Event is free, but ticketed and open to the public.

Reserved tickets must be claimed 15 minutes prior to the start of the event or unclaimed tickets may be redistributed to other patrons.
For tickets call 631-2800 or


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